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How to Find Your InstallShield 11 Pro Serial Number

How to Find Your InstallShield 11 Pro Serial Number

If you have purchased InstallShield 11 Professional Edition, you will need a serial number to activate the product and access its full features. The serial number is a 20-digit alphanumeric code that is unique to your license. Here are some ways to find your serial number:

installshield 11 pro serial number

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  • Check your email confirmation. When you buy InstallShield 11 Pro online, you will receive an email confirmation with your serial number and download link. Make sure to check your spam or junk folder if you don't see it in your inbox.

  • Log in to your Flexera account. If you have created an account on the Flexera website, you can log in and view your order history and serial numbers. Go to and enter your email and password. Then click on My Products and select InstallShield 11 Pro from the list.

  • Contact customer support. If you have lost or deleted your email confirmation, or if you have trouble logging in to your Flexera account, you can contact customer support for assistance. You will need to provide proof of purchase, such as your order number or invoice. You can reach customer support by phone at +1 800-809-5659 or by email at

Once you have your serial number, you can enter it during the installation process or in the Help menu of InstallShield 11 Pro. You will also need an internet connection to activate your license online. If you have any questions or issues with your serial number or activation, please contact customer support for help.

Benefits of InstallShield 11 Pro

InstallShield 11 Pro is a powerful and versatile tool for creating professional-quality installation packages for Windows applications. With InstallShield 11 Pro, you can:

  • Create custom installers that match your branding and design preferences.

  • Support multiple platforms, languages, and technologies, including Windows 10, .NET Framework, Java, and MSI.

  • Build reliable and secure installers that prevent errors, conflicts, and vulnerabilities.

  • Integrate with popular development tools and environments, such as Visual Studio, TFS, and Jenkins.

  • Manage your licenses and updates with ease using the Flexera Software Manager.

InstallShield 11 Pro is the industry standard for Windows installation development. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can use InstallShield 11 Pro to create installers that meet your needs and expectations. To learn more about InstallShield 11 Pro, visit

How to Use InstallShield 11 Pro

Using InstallShield 11 Pro is easy and intuitive. You can create your installation project in three simple steps:

  • Choose your project type. InstallShield 11 Pro offers several project types to suit your needs, such as Basic MSI, InstallScript, or Web Deploy. You can also import existing projects from other sources, such as Visual Studio or WiX.

  • Define your installation features. InstallShield 11 Pro lets you customize every aspect of your installation, such as files, folders, registry entries, shortcuts, dialogs, prerequisites, and more. You can use the graphical interface or the script editor to define your installation logic and behavior.

  • Build and test your installer. InstallShield 11 Pro generates a single executable file or a set of files that contain your installation package. You can test your installer on different platforms and scenarios using the built-in debugger and simulator. You can also create media such as CDs, DVDs, or web downloads for distributing your installer.