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How To Kill Zombies In Lego Worlds

Incorporate a enemy system that is less random. eg, they travel in groups and roam certain areas. Also they have certain biomes they spawn into in certain dungeons/buildings.(zombies make more zombies by killing other mini-figs)

How To Kill Zombies In Lego Worlds

Treasure abounds in these Lego Worlds, and it gives you an arguably-too-helpful beam of light through the earth to tell you exactly where it is, meaning that you can easily just drill down with the landscape tool until you hit gold (literally). This is highly effective, but is a great disservice to the intricate cave systems that run beneath most worlds. Some of the most fun I've had was spelunking (and occasionally getting lost) in the caves. Thankfully, if you really lose your way, you can respawn and skydive in atop the world, but that should be a last resort. In the caves, I randomly encountered a cyclops, which was a neat surprise until it killed the shit out of me. There was also an Egyptian world in which I first broke into the back of a Sphinx to loot the treasure, but noticed that if you entered from the front, it had a nifty little spear trap. Stuff like that is all over the game and adds a nice touch I really appreciate.

Also worth mentioning is that the game (smartly) allows for gameplay that autosaves or doesn't save at all. Meaning, if you, as an adult spend a bunch of time building some badass lego world, you could load it up in the "non-save" mode and turn your kid loose in it to let them wreak all kinds of havoc on dad's finely-crafted world (without actually ruining it) for some cross-generational fun. I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd probably make them play this just because it's that fun and is quite arguably "educational" in a certain sense of stimulating imagination. It captures that silly, innocent kid world where everything was your delightful playground and nothing really had to make sense. Shout out to the music as well, which adds some nice ambience to the worlds. It varies by the type of landscape, so when you're in a hellish lava world, it gets more intense, whereas if you're in a snowy, winter wonderland, it's a peaceful, soothing melody accompanying your adventure.

I've had so many dumb, fun, "kid-in-a-sandbox" moments with this game, and that's maybe the best thing that you can say about a Lego game. I love when games reward creativity, so it's awesome that this game in particular manages to elicit a similar feeling to 8-year-old me making up little stories about the lives of plastic lego men in some fantastical plastic city I built. There's enough variety and depth to the worlds to keep me way more engrossed in the game than I expected. I'm 32, so I feared I'd not "connect" with this game, but it feels like it was made just as much for me as it was for kids, and there's enjoyment to be had here, regardless of age. This game succeeds in appealing to the kid in you. That you can rapid-fire an army of various animals out of your magic gun from the walls of your castle to guard the perimeter is the kind of thing that you never grow out of. At least, I hope I never do. 350c69d7ab


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