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Bhavishya-The Future Telugu Full Movie Free Download !!EXCLUSIVE!!

The story moves to the present day. Five random strangers - Dishyanth, Sameera, Dharna, Jeevika and Aidhan, all from different walks of life, meet at a concert. They become friends immediately and go on a trip together. On their trip, Sameera suggests a game using a book in the library, which turns out to be the cursed book from many centuries earlier. Each of them takes their turns to read out a prediction for themselves in the form of riddles, and are skeptical about it and brush it off as a joke initially. But the predictions mentioned for each of them happens in reality - Sameera faces a terrifying supernatural occurrence in her house, Dishyanth who is a traveller, gets attacked by dacoits on his travel, Aidhan is seriously injured by electrocution from his guitar, Dharna has an accident during a professional car race. Jeevika, who is a do-gooder by nature, faces a serial killer who kidnaps and tortures her and shows her the dark and twisted realities of the dark web. Everyone except Jeevika recovers from their respective mishaps, but they fail to locate Jeevika who is kept at an undisclosed location. The friends follow certain clues they remember reading in the book and try to figure it out. After a lot of twists and turns, the clues finally lead them to the area where Jeevika is held hostage along with few other women. The friends fight the serial killer together and subdue him and manage to free Jeevika and the other women successfully. They throw the cursed book away in order to avoid future problems, just in case.

Bhavishya-The Future telugu full movie free download



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