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[Morin Khuur] Mongolian Folk Songs The Melodies From The Grasslands

[Morin Khuur] Mongolian Folk Songs The Melodies From The Grasslands =====

And using the morin khuur (the horse-head fiddle) and such other such instruments, the musicians performed both Western classicspieces from Czech composer Bed ich Smetana's comic opera, The Bartered Bride and Carmen Overture by French composer Georges Bizetas well as nomadic melodies, such as Thousands of Horses Galloping by Chiborag, a composer from the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The Uxin Matouqin Symphony Orchestra from Uxin Banner, in Southwestern Inner Mongolia, which was formed in 2010, was in Nice over March 10-14. And it is the only symphony orchestra in China, which features morin khuur players and vocal performers who use the traditional khoomei (throat-singing) technique.

To achieve his goal, the composer has rearranged folk songs from Northwest China, including Shan Dan Dan Hua Kai Hong Yan Yan (Red Morningstar Lilies are in Blossom), for the morin khuur, to showcase the versatility of the instrument.

Speaking about the orchestra, Yilaletu, 45, the orchestra's director and also a morin khuur player, says: "Though the orchestra plays Western classical music, we also draw inspiration from our folk tales about love, brotherhood and courage. They are our wealth."

The musical program that we intend to bring to WOMEX will be our new music and the majority will be our own compositions. We still very much enjoy breathing new life into the traditional folk songs and melodies, but we enjoy even more the process of creating our own. We hold on the traditional elements, such as instruments and singing style, but our lyrics are more influenced in how we experience the world we live in today and the music comes from a collaboration.

On the Mongolian grasslands, horse-head fiddles enjoy an extraordinary social status and reputation among ordinary people. The folk belief is that whenever horse-head fiddle music is played on the vast grasslands, the sound of nature, furnished with wings, flies to every corner of the land and attracts herdsmen riding their galloping horses from afar to gather around the instrument, an experience something similar to baptism of the soul. 59ce067264


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