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a OVA-specific Ab titre. The titres of Abs against OVA were measured by ELISA using a species-matched secondary Ab. An anti-human IgG-Fc HRP conjugate was used for TC-mAb mice, and an anti-mouse IgG-Fc HRP conjugate was used for ICR. b Comparison of the anti-sera titres. The anti-sera samples were collected from TC-mAb mice after the seventh booster, and from ICR mice after the fourth booster. Samples were serially diluted by 1/10 from 102 to 107 and used to determine the OVA-specific titre by ELISA. c The antigen-specific titre in TC-mAb mice. Individual A (upper graph) was immunized with Trx-EpEX with the prime and four booster administrations. Individual B (lower graph) was immunized with the prime and seven booster administrations. The titres were analysed using the fusion proteins, Trx-EpEX (green) and GST-EpEX (blue). The Trx-EpEX titre indicated induction of antigen-specific Abs, but that of GST-EpEX indicated administration of EpEX-specific Abs. Each anti-sera was diluted at 8000-fold. Data are presented as means. Error bars indicate the standard deviation of triplicate measurements. d Determination of human Ig-classes. The mouse individual and the total number of class-determined clones are indicated in the centre of the circle. e The serum concentration of different classes of Ab. hIg μ (orange), hIg γ (blue), hIg κ (pink) and mIg λ (green) in the Trx-EpEX immunized TC-mAb mice are represented. Error bars indicate the standard deviation of triplicate measurements. 1e1e36bf2d


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